Routine Worm Count

What is a routine worm count?

A routine worm count is a simple test that establishes your horse's worm burden and helps decide whether you need to worm or not.

What worms does a routine worm count show?

A routine worm count shows up mature redworms and roundworms. It does not test for encysted redworms, tapeworm or pinworm.

What should I do about those worms?

Encysted redworms should always be treated against in winter with a suitable wormer. Contact us to find out more information. We offer both saliva tapeworm and pinworm tests.

How often should I get a routine worm count?

It is recommended to get a worm count carried out approximately every 10 weeks.

How much does a routine worm count cost?

Prices depend on if any other tests are also carried out and how many horses are tested. Contact us for more details and a a quote.