Yard Visit

What is a yard visit?

A yard visit from Agrix Nutrition is the easiest way to get your worm counts done!

What happens on a yard visit?

The way our yard visits work is that we come out to your yard, collect samples and carry out the analysis there and then, you don't have to do anything!

What information will I receive?

You will receive a clear, concise report with your results and recommendations on what treatment is required if any. You will also be able to ask any questions you have and get friendly, impartial advice on all worming issues.

What tests can I get done?

All our services including routine worm counts, saliva tapeworm tests, pinworm tests and worm reduction tests are available with a yard visit.

Where can I get a yard visit?

Our core locations for yard visit worm counts are Shropshire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire. If you are outside this area we may still be able to visit, contact us to discuss or see if our postal service could help.

Is there a minimum or maximum yard size?

No, we can cater for any yard size from one horse upwards.

How much does a yard visit cost?

Prices depend on which tests are carried out and how many horses are tested. Contact us for more details and a a quote.